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        Global Leading Metrology Digitization Solution Provider
        First public listed company in the industry in 2012
        Company Profile

        Founded in 1997 Global Leading Metrology Digitization Solution Provider, Goldcard Smart Group Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading smart gas solution providers. Goldcard intelligent services over 40+ countries,3500+ public utility enterprises and over 60 million+ urban family users in more than 2000+ cities. In 2012, Goldcard was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 300349, as the first public listed company in the industry.

        Goldcard not only catches up with the IoT and Internet trend, but also devotes to build a brand-new public utility industry ecosystem. With new technologies, products, and services expanded, Goldcard brings great synergistic effect in smart terminal, smart communication, big data, cloud computing, and mobile application to provide high-value and high-performance products and end-to-end solutions including smart devices, communication networks, application management software and Internet cloud services for public utility customers. Goldcard also builds long-term strategic cooperation relationships with various gas enterprises, Huawei, and Alibaba.

        For you to create a green life
        Committed to providing integrated smart utility solution for global customers.
        Message from Board Chairman

        Year 2020 was an extraordinary year, face with the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, Goldcard initiated its digital anti-pandemic policy, realized remote reading of 17 million+ IoT meters and 10 million+ NB-IoT meters deployed on Goldcard IoT platform. We also supported “24h*7 contactless ”services for more than 90 million users of over 900 utilities by using our cloud service, which ensures the basic service requirement under quarantine.

        Due to the global quarantine, Goldcard provided online instruction and remote service for over 3,500 utilities from more than 40 countries to meet customers’ requirements.

        We set up“Goldcard Antiepidemic Fund” to donate more than  6 million Yuan fund and materials to Wuhan, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, etc. We also provided batches of medical and sanitary materials to customers and partners of more than 10 countries such as Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Columbia, Nepal, Tanzania and etc.

        We also achieved great performance in water measuring while continue to lead in gas business in 2020. The launch of the first integrated digital gas visual platform has become the industry model. We achieved the unaccounted for gas less than 4% for gas utility customers, and water loss less than 10% for water companies under our continuous hard working.   

        In the future, following the national ‘carbon neutral and peak carbon dioxide emission’ policy, Goldcard will continue to take the chance of strategic development, insisting on the national strategy, using cutting-edge technologies to promote digital transition of the industry and benefit thousands of families. 

        GoldCard Smart Group Co., Ltd. Chairman

        Contact Us

        No.158 Jinqiao Street, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone , Zhejiang Province,China
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        For consultation or feedback, please call 4000-060-777.
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